FIZYX, LLC was founded by industry veterans with a vision for low risk, high return stock investing partnerships. We develop and deploy proprietary investment strategies using both quantitative and qualitative data.



At FIZYX, we maintain the highest possible standards of integrity, trust, honesty, and transparency. We strive to exceed all industry standards standards of regulatory compliance, performance reporting, and portfolio controls with our stringent internal processes. FIZYX partners with world class third party firms to provide internal feedback and external transparency.


Investing in the stock market requires effective portfolio risk controls and an investment methodology with inherently high investment returns. FIZYX has developed unique systems and processes to manage both systemic and stock specific risks. These systems have been coupled with organizational structures that provide instant granular feedback and unparalleled portfolio control.


FIZYX has been designed to align the motives of all stakeholders to the greatest possible extent. The FIZYX win-win philosophy is the foundation of our continued success for ourselves and our partners. We believe that when motives are aligned, great things happen.


The name FIZYX /fiziks/ has two meanings. The name came about during the research and engineering of investment algorithms. Specifically, some aspects of the algorithm were modeled on tenets of quantum mechanics, which is a sub-discipline of physics.  

The name is also a portmanteau of the words financial and analytics. Financial analytics is the core competency of FIZYX.


Joel Klein

Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Investment Officer 

Kayla Klein

Co-founder, Chief Business Development Officer

Nicole Mott

Chief Operations Officer



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